Monday, 29 May 2017

My Exiting weekend

First on Saturday afternoon me and my mum were in the backyard, my mum asked if I wanted to dig some kumara. I said yes! because I thought it would be like a treasure hunt, I was right it was like a treasure hunt. Every time we found one  we said "wow"! When me and my could not find any we washed them with  the hose. When my mum finished washing them we counted them. When we got to the last Kumara and "we said we found 30 kumara ! "Then we gave some to our neighbors on the right. At the end we had a napp. I felt exited because it was like a treasure hunt.


  1. Hi shayan I like your picture and I love that you did detail on your picture and you did detail of you shayan that's why I am comment on your blog. From vika.